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Women's boots Jenny Fairy

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Women's boots Jenny Fairy

Jackboots are known for a very long time. They were made for the first time in the Middle Ages, worn on royal courts. Therefore, it's not surprising that they are associated with elegance and prestige. The main characteristic features have remained unchanged: jackboots consist of a high and stiff upper part and a short instep, they have also round tips and short heels. Designers have loosen the military discipline and jackboots, since then, have become favourite women's footwear. Now, you can find models decorated with buckles, woollen elements, laser-cut patterns and many others. Jackboots are available in a wide range of colours, but the top ones are still black and brown. They look great with different types of pants, skirts and dresses. Combine your boots with a military green shirtwaist and the effect will be astonishing. Also, jackboots worn with a graphite skirt and a Chanel jacket is a symbol of Parisian elegance.

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