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GORE-TEX 1-009075-0000 M Schwarz/Blau

Snow Boots SUPERFIT GORE-TEX 1-009075-0000 M Schwarz/Blau
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Superfit presents comfortable winter boots. The material of the upper part is eco leather - Eco leather, Fabric - Fabric. The lining produced from fleece, insulation, synthetic sheepskin is breathable and moisture-absorbent. Comfort is provided by the insoles made of insulation, synthetic sheepskin. The sole is made from high-quality material and is very durable. This model is supported by the GORE-TEX® Insulated Comfort Footwear technology. Attractive boots that protect from cold.

General shoe size table

Remember that table below is a kind of suggestion- size can be insignificantly different, it depends on the brand.

General size table for kids


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