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“Discount code - newsletter” General Promotional Terms and Conditions


I. Preliminary provisions

1. These General Promotional Terms and Conditions entitled: “Discount code - newsletter” hereby stipulate the rules of functioning, terms and conditions as well as the scope and complaint procedure of the Promotional Offer, terms of use as well as the rights exercised by the persons participating in the Promotional Offer, as well as the obligations on the part of the Organizer.
2. The Organizer of “Discount code - newsletter” Promotional Offer is MODIVO S.A. (joint-stock company) having its registered seat in Nowy Kisielin - Nowa 9 street, 66-002 Zielona Góra, entered into the business register of the National Court Register kept by the 3. District Court in Zielona Góra, VIII Economic Division of the National Court Register, under the entry number: 0000541722, NIP (state tax identification number): 9291353356, REGON (statistical office number): 970569861, share capital: 2,000,000.00 PLN fully paid up (hereinafter referred to as the „Organizer”).
3. The promotion is conducted in the Organizer's online store ("Online Store") visible at:
4. Customers who have received a discount code from the Organizer may participate in the Promotion - after fulfilling the conditions for participating in the Promotion, they become participants of the Promotion (hereinafter also: "Participant of the promotion"). The promotion is addressed only to persons who have provided the Organizer with their e-mail address in order to subscribe to the Online Store Newsletter via this channel. The organizer within a period of not more than 2 days from subscribing by the Customer to the Newsletter service sends a discount code to the Customer's email address provided by the Customer to subscribe to the Newsletter.


II. The Subject Matter of the Promotional Offer and its terms of use

1. The subject of the Promotion is the use of the Promotion on the terms set out in the Promotion Terms and Conditions, including granting the Promotion Participant a discount voucher of € 10 from the initial (regular) Gross Sale Price of Products in the current Online Store offer during the Promotion (hereinafter also: "Discount").
2. The Promotion does not apply to:

a) discounted Products (i.e. Products which Price has already been reduced before the Promotion, including Products visible at the following subpage or
b) brands excluded from the Promotion, the list of excluded brands can be found on ; and the following brands: Ryłko.
c) Products which Price has already been covered by vouchers, vouchers, promotions, reductions, discounts or other special price or product offers.

3.  The value of purchased Products entitling to use the Discount is a minimum of € 70 gross.
4.  The promotion is valid until further notice (hereinafter also: "Promotional Period"), subject to paragraph 13 below.
5. The Participation in the Promotion is voluntary and free (i.e. the purchase of Products under the Promotion does not require the Promotion Participant to incur additional costs besides paying the Price of Products subject to the Promotion and the costs selected by the Customer, including delivery costs).
6.  To participate in the Promotion, you must:

a) subscribe to the Newsletter for the email channel in accordance with the Regulations
b) read and accept the Promotion Terms;
c) place an order  with a total value of at least € 70 gross during the Promotion,
d) before placing the Order - in the bag - enter the code received by the Participant of the Promotion from the Organizer authorizing the use of the Discount and press the "Apply Coupon" button. The Promotion Participant's submission of the code authorizing the use of the Discount after the Order has been placed does not entitle the User to use the Discount.

7. The promotion does not combine with any other promotions, discounts, rebates, promotional campaigns, special price or product offers that apply in the Online Store, unless the terms of such promotion, discount, rebate, reduction, promotional campaigns, special price or product offer constitute otherwise.
8. The discount will be counted in such a way that the regular Price for the Product or Products purchased by the Promotion Participant in the Online Store will be reduced by the amount of the Discount, i.e. € 10, calculated from the full, regular Product  or Products Price. The promotion does not include (does not reduce) any delivery costs of the Product or Products purchased as part of the Promotion in the Online Store, which the Promotion Participant bears in full.
9. In the case of simultaneous purchase of several Products covered by the Promotion, the Discount is counted on the total Price of the Products covered by the Promotion. In the event that the Customer returns the Product purchased under the Promotion, the Organizer will reimburse the Customer only for the price actually paid for the Product (the price reduced by the value or a proportional part of the Discount value). In the event that the Promotion Participant does not return all Products purchased with the code covered by the Promotion, he will receive a refund reduced proportionally by the value of the Discount.
10. During the Promotion, each Participant may take advantage of the Promotion only once.
11. The Discount granted by the Organizer as part of the Promotion is not subject to payment in cash or exchange for any other means of payment and is not transferable.
12. The Participant of the Promotion making a purchase of Products in the Online Store has the right and not the obligation to use the Discount.
13. The Promotion Participant may take advantage of the Discount under the conditions set out in these Promotion Terms and Conditions within 1 year of its receipt.


III. Complaints

1. Any complaints pertinent to the Promotional Offer can be submitted by the Participants of the Promotional Offer in particular electronically at the following email address: or by post at the following Organizer’s address: MODIVO S.A., Nowy Kisielin - Nowa 9 street, 66-002 Zielona Góra (hereinafter referred to as the ”Complaints”).
2. With a view to accelerating the Complaint-adjustment process we kindly request providing the name and surname of the Participant of the Promotional Offer, contact details (for example, an email address or telephone number) as well as specifying the reasons substantiating the Complaint.
3. Expressing an opinion about the Complaint by the Organizer shall take place immediately, no later than within 14 days from the day of submitting it.
4. Complaints shall be considered by the Organizer, applying in particular the provisions of these Promotion Terms.


IV. Final provisions

1. These General Promotional Terms and Conditions are publicly available at the URL address: and come into force on 2022-01-21
2. Unless it is clear from the context that nothing else is used in the Promotion Terms, capitalized returns have the meanings assigned to them in the Online Store regulations available at:
3. The organizer reserves the right to change the Promotion Terms in the event of an important reason understood as (closed catalog):

a) change of law regulations regulating the terms, rules and organization of the Promotion, affecting the mutual rights and obligations of the Organizer and the Promotion Participants;
b) change in the method of conducting the Promotion due to technical or technological reasons;
c) change in the way of providing services solely due to technical or technological reasons
d) changing the scope or provision of services to which the provisions of the Regulations apply, by introducing new, modification or withdrawal by the Seller of the existing functionalities or services covered by the Regulations.

4. In the event of a change in the Promotion Terms, the Organizer shall provide the consolidated text of the Promotion Terms by publishing it on
5. Changes to the Promotion Terms and Conditions apply from the moment they are clearly indicated and placed in the Online Store. The Discount Terms in their current wording shall apply to Discounts, which pursuant to point II item 13 above remain valid when the Promotion Terms are changed.


Zielona Góra, 2022-01-21

The previous regulations available at: