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How to make a complaint?

All products in our store are 100% original and have the brand logos

Each product purchased in our store is covered with the 2-year warranty. The warranty covers all products, including the discounted products

How to make a complaint?


Before filing a complaint, please check the condition of the product and make sure that the defects are not due to improper use or care.
We would like to accept all complaints, but in some cases we are unable to do so. We need to have real indications of irregularities that are the fault of the manufacturer.

Steps to follow:

  1. Send us pictures of the product you want to complain about with a filled in complaint form (indicating defects) to
  2. Wait for our response and we will inform you if it is necessary to send us the product for direct verification or the photos are sufficient enough
  3. If your complaint is accepted, we will be able to offer you the solution:
    • partial refund,
    • full refund,
    • repair,
    • in some cases, replacement with a new product

    If it is necessary for you to send us the claimed product, you will have to follow the same steps as in the case of a return, and you will have to send us the parcel with any shipping method at your expense