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Bondi 7 1110519 Bfob

Footwear HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7 1110519 Bfob

Technologies used in this product

Meta-Rocker is a special midsole geometry design, characterized by a slight difference in the cradle between the heel and the toes. This creates a unique support effect, facilitating the correct positioning of the feet while running, thus supporting its natural technique. This translates into increased running efficiency.
Active Foot Frame
The active foot frame is a solution that ensures a stable foot position in the shoe – regardless of its shape, width, and your running technique – without the need to use additional weight-increasing accessories. This solution makes the foot sink in the sole instead of lying on its surface, thus translating into increased stability while running.
Cushioned Midsole
The cushioned sole is based on EVA – a special foam located in the midsole layer. It is made of light-weight cushioning material that is up to 2.5 times thicker than in traditional running shoes. EVA causes the absorption of kinetic energy, which in turn leads to a high level of cushioning while running.

Size chart for this product

This product has been individually measured and described by our specialists.

Shoe width: Medium

Size chart
EUR 36 2/3 37 1/3 38 38 2/3 39 1/3 40 40 2/3 41 1/3 42
Insole length (cm) 23,7 24,1 24,5 24,9 25,3 25,7 26,1 26,5 26,9
Your foot length (cm) 23,2 23,6 24,0 24,4 24,8 25,2 25,6 26,0 26,4

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