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Cookies policy

What are "cookie"?

"Cookies" files must be understood as computer data, in particular text files stored in the users’ terminal device intended to be used with website. These files allow identifying the users’ device and properly display the website customized to their individual preferences. "Cookies" usually contain the name of the website from which they come from, their storage time on the terminal device and a unique number.

What do we use "cookies" for?

Cookies are contained in the HTTP protocol, which is used to communicate the Internet server with the browser. It consists of: the key defining the name of values, values and lifetime after which the browser should remove the cookie. Their functions are mostly standard ones provided for browser settings. Cookies are used in order to adjust the web content to user’s preferences and increase the usability and personalization of the websites content.

What "cookies" files are used by us?

There are used two standard types of "cookies" files- "session" and "permanent" ones. The first of these are temporary files that remain on the user's device until logging out from the website or disabling the software (a web browser). "Permanent" files remain on the user’s device for the time specified in the parameters of "cookies" files or until they are manually deleted by the user. "Cookies" files used by the website operator partners, in particular users of the website, are subject to their own privacy policy.

Privacy Policy and "cookies" files

"Cookies" files gather personal data and can be collected only and exclusively in order to perform specific functions for the user. Regarding the policy of, the data is encrypted so that they prevent the access to them by unauthorized persons.

Deleting "cookies" files

The standard software used to view websites by default allows placement of "cookies" files on the terminal device. These settings can be modified in such a way as to block the automatic use of "cookies" in the settings of a web browser or inform of them being transferred to the user's device any time. Detailed information on the possibilities and ways of using "cookies" are available in the software settings (of a web browser). Restricting the use of "cookies" can affect some of the functionalities available on the website. uses the technology that stores and gains access to information on a computer or other user’s device connected to the network (especially using cookies). The consent to use these technologies by the website or by third parties for the purpose of providing services electronically, may at any time be modified or cancelled in the browser settings. More about our cookie policy, here.

    • 1.1. This Privacy Policy of the Online Shop (hereinafter: “Policy”) is of informative nature which means that it is not a source of responsibilities for the Clients of the Online Shop.
    • 1.2. The administrator of personal data collected by the Online Shop or other communication channels with the Client is the company S.A., with its headquarters in Zielona Góra (headquarters address and correspondence address: ul. Nowy Kisielin – Nowa 9, 66-002 Zielona Góra), entered in the Register of the National Court Register kept by District Court in Zielona Góra, VIII Commercial Division the under number NCR/KRS/ 0000541722; Taxpayer Identification Number /NIP/: 9291353356; Business Activity Number /REGON/: 970569861; of a share capital: 2,000,000 PLN paid in full, e-mail:, contact phone number: (+48) 68 422 84 04, 0801002024 or a mobile 507 599 050 (fee charged at standard call – according to the pricelist of the appropriate operator) - hereinafter referred to as "Administrator" and which is also the Seller.
    • 1.3. Personal data of the Client is processed in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act dated 29 August 1997. (Journal of Laws of 1997 No. 133, item 883 as amended.) (hereinafter: Personal Data Protection Act) and Act of Providing Services by Electronic Means of 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 144, item. 1204, as amended.).
    • 1.4. The collection of Personal D of the Clients of the Online Shop or collected by means of other communication channels with the Clients were submitted by the Administrator to register of personal data files kept by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO - Inspector General) under the following names:
      • a. Clients (application number: 000769/2014, book number: 145739)
      • b. Newsletter (application number: 000770/2014, book number: 145742).
    • 1.5. The administrator does its utmost to protect the interests of people whose data are referred to, and in particular, it ensures that the data collected by it are processed in accordance with the law; collected for specified, legitimate purposes and are not subjected to further processing incompatible with those purposes; are relevant and adequate in relation to the purposes for which they are processed, and stored in a form which permits identification of concerned people, for no longer than it is necessary to achieve the purpose of processing.
    • 1.6. Any words, phrases and acronyms that appear on this website and begin with a capital letter (e.g. Seller, Online Shop, Electronic Service) should be interpreted in accordance with their definition included in the Regulations of the Online Shop available at Online Shop website of
    • 1.7. As noted at the beginning, being aware of the importance of privacy of the Clients, the Administrator protects not only Internet users visiting the Online Shop, but also Clients who wish to make their Personal Data available to the Administrator using other channels of communication e.g.,
      • a. a website and any other web sites marked or co-branded with Facebook (including subdomains, international versions, widgets, and versions for mobile phones) whose operating principles are governed by the regulations made available in particular at, provided by Facebook Inc. respectively or Facebook Ireland Limited (hereinafter „Facebook Service”), including by:
        • - the Facebook Lead Ads feature aimed at direct marketing of its own products or services of the Administrator, the Privacy Policy and the use of Personal Data by the Facebook Service available for example at The Administrator does not affect the content of the Facebook Website's legal regulations, including Personal Data.
      • b. applications enabling the Administrator to conduct advertising campaigns within the Facebook Service, including competitions.
    • 2.1. Each time, the purpose, scope and recipients of data processed by the Administrator result from the consent granted by the Client or legal regulations and are specified as a result of the activities taken by the Client in the Online Shop or within other communication channels with the Client. For example, if the Client, while placing the Order chooses individual collection instead of the courier delivery, thus his/her Personal Data will be processed with the aim of concluding and executing the Sale Agreement, but they will not be made available to the carrier that operates a package on behalf of the Administrator.
    • 2.2. Possible purposes of collecting personal data of the Service Users or Clients by the Administrator:
      • a. conclusion and execution of the Sale Agreement or contract for providing Electronic Services (e.g. Account).
      • b. direct marketing of own products or services of the Administrator.
      • b. conducting the competition, in particular selecting winners of the competition and realizing the prizes.
    • 2.3. For other (other) purposes, Client’s Personal Data may be processed on voluntary consent basis and applicable laws.
    • 2.4. Possible recipients of personal data of the Online Shop Clients:
      • a. in case of the Client, who uses in the Online Shop with the method of delivery by mail or by a courier, the Administrator provides the collected Personal Data of the Client with the selected carrier or intermediary executing the package on behalf of the Administrator.
      • b. In case of the Client, who uses in the Online Shop with electronic payment method or by credit card, the Administrator provides the collected personal data of Client with the entity providing the aforementioned payments in the Online Shop.
    • 2.5. The administrator can process the following Personal Data of the Clients:
      • a. using the Online Shop: name and surname; e-mail address; contact phone number; delivery address (street, house number, premise number, postal code, city, country), address of residence/business address/ address of the headquarters (if different from delivery address). In case of the Clients not being consumers, the Administrator is additionally entitled to process the company name and taxpayer identification number (NIP) of Client.
      • b. by supplementing the data contained in the Facebook Lead Ads form, the User shall provide the Administrator each time with the Personal Data indicated on the form, which may include in particular: a name, a surname, an email address, a telephone number.
      • c. by supplementing the data contained in the forms of applications enabling the Administrator to carry out advertising campaigns/competitions within the Facebook Service, the User shall provide the Administrator each time with the Personal Data indicated on the form, which may include in particular: a name, a surname, a correspondence address, a telephone number, a shoe size.
    • 2.6. Providing Personal Data by the Client is voluntary, but necessary to conclude and execute the Sales Agreement, as well as its settlement.
    • 2.7. Providing Personal Data may be necessary for the conclusion and execution of the Service Agreement. Each time the scope of data required to conclude an agreement is indicated previously at the Online Shop website, within other communication channels with the Client or in the Regulations.
    • 2.8. The Client's Personal Data processing is based on the need to execute the agreement whose party he/she is or on actions taken upon his/her request before its conclusion. In the case of data processing for direct marketing of own products or services of the Administrator, the basis for such processing is the fulfillment of legally justified objectives pursued by the Administrator (pursuant to Article 23 item 4 of the Data Protection Act, in particular the direct marketing of own products or Administrator’s services is considered to be the legally justified purpose).
    • 3.1. The Client has the right to access their Personal Data and correct them.
    • 3.2. Each person is entitled to exercise the rights under the Personal Data Protection Act, in particular, the right to access own Personal Data, the right to request their updating, correction and removal as well as the right to object in the cases specified in the provisions of this act.
    • 4.1. The administrator has the technical ability to communicate with the Client remotely (e.g. an e-mail message).
    • 4.2.Commercial information relating to the Administrator’s or its affiliates’ commercial activity performed may be sent only in accordance with the will expressed by the Client, in accordance with the content of the article 10 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on providing services by electronic means (Journal of Laws 2002, No. 144, item 1204, as amended).
    • 4.3. As long as the Client has given his/her consent, the Personal Data may also be processed for the marketing purposes of the products or services of the Administrator’s affiliates.
    • 5.1. The website of the Online Shop uses the technology that stores and gains access to the information on a computer or other device of the Client connected to the network (in particular using cookies), in order to provide the Client with maximum comfort while using the Online Shop, including for statistical purposes and for adapting to the Client's interests in the presented advertising content, including the partners and advertisers of the Administrator. During the Client's visit at the website of the Online Shop the data referring to the visit may be automatically collected in the form of the domain name of the website from which the Client was referred back to the website of the Online Shop such as a browser, an operating system, IP address, other information transmitted via http. In addition, the Administrator can process operational data or location information of the device accessing the website of the Online Shop.
    • 5.2. A cookie file it is small text information that is sent by the server and saved on the Client's device (usually on the hard drive of the computer). It stores information that may be required by the Online Shop website to adapt to the Client's use of the site and to collect statistical information about the Online Shop website such as the site visited, what items are downloaded, and the details on the domain name of the ISP or the country of origin of the visitor not collecting, in principle, any information enabling the identification of the Client, although this information may sometimes be of a Personal Data type, which is information that allows certain behaviour to be assigned to a particular user.
    • 5.3. Cookies files used on the Online Shop website primarily serve to customize the content of the websites to the user's preference and increase the usability and personalization of the content of websites.
    • 5.4. Cookies files used on the Online Shop website are neither harmful to the Customer nor to the computer / terminal device used by the Client, therefore we recommend not disabling them in the browser. Two types of cookies are used on the Online Shop website: session ones that are saved in the client's computer or mobile device until logging out from the website or turning off the software (a web browser) and permanent ones that remain in the Client's device for the time specified in the cookie parameters or until being manually deleted in the web browser.
    • 5.5. Cookies files used on the Online Shop website:
    • Type Description Example Time of expiration
      Necessary Their presence is essential for a proper display of the websites features. They allow for a proper response to the client's actions. Frontend
      1 day
      1 day
      Functional Save customer preferences. PAGECACHE_ENV
      1 day
      1 year
      1 year
      1 year
      External Used for internal purposes: they allow us to streamline the operation of the website based on the way the client uses them. _zlcmid
      1 year
      2 years
      1 day
    • 5.6. More information on the cookies used by Google Analytics - an online tool used by the Online Shop to analyse website services statistics (including demographic data and interests data) is available in the Google Analytics Privacy Policy.
    • 5.7. The Client may change the way cookies are used by the web browser, including blocking or removing those that come from the Online Shop website (and other websites). In order to do this it is necessary to change your browser settings. The way of deleting varies depending on used web browser. Information about how to delete cookies should be placed in the "Help" tab of the selected web browser.
    • 5.8. For example, in Internet Explorer, cookies can be modified from: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy; whereas in Mozilla Firefox: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy; and in Google Chrome: Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Privacy -> Content settings -> Cookies. Access paths may vary depending on the version of your browser.
    • 5.9. For information on managing cookies on your mobile phone or other mobile device, see the user’s guide/manual for a specific mobile phone or a mobile device.
    • 5.10. Restricting the use of cookies files on a given device makes it impossible or significantly impedes the correct use of the Online Shop website, for example, it may be connected with the lack of support for logging on sessions.
    • 6.1. The Client, at any time, has the opportunity to directly contact the Administrator by sending the relevant information in writing or by e-mail to the Administrator's address indicated at the beginning of the Policy or by phone at the telephone number indicated at the beginning of the Policy or within the Facebook Service.
    • 6.2. The administrator stores correspondence with the Client for statistical purposes and for the best and quickest response to emerging queries as well as in the scope of settling the complaints and decisions made on the basis of notifications of possible administrative interventions in the indicated Account. Addresses and data collected in this manner shall not be used to communicate with the Client for any purpose other than execution of the application.
    • 6.3. When a Client contacts us to perform a specific action (e.g., to file a complaint) using the form, the Administrator may re-ask the Client to provide the data, including personal data such as name, a surname, an email address, etc. in order to confirm the identity of the Client and allow a feedback contact in the particular case. The above applies to the same data, including personal data that was previously provided by the Client, and where the Customer has given consent for its processing. It is not mandatory to provide this data, but may be necessary to perform actions or obtain information that is of interest to the Client.
    • 7.1. The Administrator shall use technical and organizational means to protect the processed Personal Data applicable to the threats and categories of data subject to protection, and, in particular it protects data against its unauthorized access, unauthorized retrieval, processing in violation of applicable laws and alteration, loss, damage or destruction.
    • 7.2. The administrator shall appropriately provide the following technical means to prevent unauthorized retrieval and modification of Personal Data sent electronically:
      • a. Protecting the data set from unauthorized access.
      • b. SSL Certificate on the Online Shop website where Clients’ data is provided.
      • c. Encrypting data used for Client’s authorization.
      • d. Access to the Account only after providing an individual login and password.
    • 8.1. Online Shop may contain links to other websites. Administrator urges that when selecting other websites to familiarize with the privacy policy stated therein. This Policy applies only to indicated Administrator’s activities.
    • 8.2. The administrator reserves the right to amend the Policy in the future - this may occur, among other things, for the following important reasons:
      • a. changes in applicable laws, in particular regarding the protection of Personal Data, telecommunications law, provided electronic services and regulated consumer rights affecting our rights and obligations or Client’s rights and obligations;
      • b. development of functionalities or Electronic Services due to the progress of online technology, including the application/implementation of new technological or technical solutions that affect the scope of the Policy.
    • 8.3. The Administrator shall place, at each time, within the Website the information on amendments to the Policy. A new version of the Policy shall appear with a new date together with each amendment.
    • 8.4. In the event of any doubts or contradictions between the Policy and the given Client's consent, regardless of the provisions of the Policy, the voluntarily given Client's consent or the laws shall always be the basis of the scope of making or specifying our activities. This document, however is of a general nature, only for information purposes (it is neither a contract or regulations).
    • 8.5. This version of the Policy is effective from [27.02.2017 r.].
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